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In the remote, icy expanse of northern Greenland, the onset of spring transforms the landscape into a surreal scene. Meltwater channels, born from rising temperatures, carve through the ice, creating striking, pure blue streams and lakes. These natural phenomena are both mesmerizing and alarming, highlighting the impacts of climate change. Expeditions, like Greenpeace’s in 2009, […]

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I recently received this picture in an email from one of you guys, and while I think this picture is just mind blowing, I didn’t receive any information about where this is located or how it was formed. If you have any tips you can drop, that would be really great! If not… just enjoy […]

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The geek inside was nagging me for quite a while to make a category like this. So, starting today, every Wednesday I’ll be adding an awesome geological picture, along with some short explanation of what’s happening. Would really like some feedback on this, your opinions are appreciated as always. The picture shows a sandstone formation […]

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