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While no communication platform is completely secure, these resources will help preserve your anonymity. We’ve detailed each option below, but we also suggest familiarizing yourself with the terms and conditions of any application.

Please refrain from sending reviews, story concepts, pitches, or press releases through these channels.

For general inquiries, please visit our contact page.

Before reaching out

Keep in mind that no approach offers absolute security, and the precautions you adopt should align with your level of anonymity requirements. Prior to utilizing any of these applications or tools, it’s prudent to take additional security measures, such as: evaluating whether the network you’re on can potentially reveal your identity or activities; employing a secure web browser or operating system; deactivating features that automatically back up data to cloud services; and refraining from using accounts or devices associated with your name, email, or phone number.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) provides comprehensive guides specifically designed to uphold privacy and anonymity.

We check all messages we receive, but may not be able to respond to all of them. If our reporters have questions, they may contact you if you have contact information.

Qualities of a Valuable Tip

A valuable news tip encompasses several key elements. Foremost, it should be supported by documentation or evidence. Mere speculation or intuition doesn’t meet the threshold of a tip.

Additionally, a good news tip should clearly articulate an issue or problem with tangible real-world implications. Specificity is paramount in effectively conveying the concern. Lastly, the tip should possess newsworthiness, meaning it must be of interest to the public and pertinent to journalistic coverage.

While personal grievances, such as a neighbor’s noisy dog or a dispute over property boundaries, may seem unjust, they generally do not warrant coverage in a news story.

Examples of Effective Tips:

Here’s concrete evidence of this government representative violating the law.

We have undeniable proof of this company engaging in unethical practices.

Submit a Tip

This page uses encryption to protect any information you provide through the form below.

This ensures that the contents of your message, including any attachments, will not be read by anyone other than The Plaza Journal. You can also increase your anonymity by using the Tor browser.

Please note that providing an e-mail address is only necessary if you want us to contact you.

Files should not exceed 25MB.

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Send by Email

Regular e-mail offers convenience but little security. Avoid using it to transmit sensitive information or if you are concerned about anonymity in relation to your role as a source.

For more confidential tips, use email encrypted with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). It’s important to note that while PGP-encrypted email secures its content, metadata such as sender or recipient information, timestamps, and subject lines remain vulnerable. In addition, many email services retain your messages by default unless you specify otherwise.

Various browser extensions such as Mailvelope, Enigmail, and FlowCrypt make it easy to use PGP on popular email providers such as Gmail. Alternatively, you can opt for ProtonMail, an email service that integrates PGP support.

To further enhance your anonymity, create a dedicated email address to communicate with us.

ProtonMail address: [email protected]

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