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LOS ANGELES (AP) — A teenage girl who had been kidnapped by her father was following a sheriff’s deputy’s instructions and appeared to be surrendering when other deputies fatally shot her during a gun battle on a Southern California highway, according to recently released video and audio. Savannah Graziano, 15, was shot and killed as she…

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Monday marks the beginning of the new Chinese Year, the Year of the Dragon and Chinese communities all around the world are preparing for the extravagant festivities which will take place, including vibrant parades and huge manifestations. However, along with the joy of a new year, the dragon also brings a warning, regarding population growth […]

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In a move that is disappointing for many, the Internet giant has announced that they have abandoned their ambitious plans to make renewable energy cheaper than coal, thus focusing on fewer and more immediate goals. They also announced they are shutting down other seven projects, including a Wikipedia-like online encyclopedia nicknamed Knol. So far, this […]

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Amid all the talk about Asia’s economic growth and their stable financial future, two major problem arise to cloud their bright dawn: climate change and pollution. With way more than half of the world’s population, Asia has more to lose than any other continent; and considering the ways adopted by some of the most developed […]

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There’s recently been a lot of fuss regarding the world population reaching the mark; now, the truth is we’ve probably reached that number quite a while ago, but just didn’t know it. Anyway, in countries all over the world, hospitals and clinics marked the world’s population reaching 7 billion Monday with lavish ceremonies and […]

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