– 201203yaleresearch

Researchers at Yale University have successfully mange to utilize a novel MRI technique to 3-D image the insides of hard and soft solids, like bone and tissue, opening the way for a new array of applications, like previously difficult to image dense objects. Typically, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can produce a 3-D image of an object […]

– 201203dr fill

As years pass, computers start beating us in more and more fields: math is out of the question, chess, and even jeopardy; but in crossword puzzles, man still beats computer – and easily. In a contest held in New York this weekend, a program designed to work crossword puzzles, came in 141st among 600 human […]

– 201112tum rosie

Scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) working at the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group reported creating a robot that can finally make you a beverage and get you a beer. TUM Rosie TUM-Rosie and TUM-James, as the two robots have been called are quite special; for one, Rosie has what is called a “very […]

– 201112stirling engine

German physicists (who else) reported creating a Stirling engine no larger than 3 micrometers across, which functions just as good as its normal size version – with a little sputter once in a while. I read about this on several other websites, and this device was called a steam engine – which is not really […]

– 201111starfish robot

A seemingly ordinary starfish robot created by scientists at Harvard has pushed the frontiers of robotics one step further by showing that it can wiggle. The soft bodied mechanism was inspired by squids, worms and starfish, and is built out of elastomers and powered by pneumatics – a cheap and effective mechanism; it has every […]

– 201111Terminator Style Contact Lenses

A group of ophthalmologists and optoelectronics scientists are currently working on contact lens that can display information directly to the retina. So far the device is quite rudimentary, displaying only one well focused pixel, however further research might allow individuals wearing this special computerized lenses to read e-mails, receive real time notifications of important events or even acquire Terminator-style […]

– 201111lightest material

Recently, a team of scientists has created a new metallic material which they claim to be the lightest in all the world, not even coming close to styrofoam or aerogels, and even making carbon nanotubes seem heavy. This lightest material has an estimated density of just of 0.9 milligrams per cubic centimeter (mg/cc), compared with […]

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