– 201103sark

Well, it is the best, or the worst attempt ever actually, depends on your point of view. First, a little bit on the background: the attacking force was composed of an unemployed French nuclear physicist, André “mad scientist” Gardes. The defending team was a small island south of Britain named Sark, with a population of […]

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– 201102sulphur1

Whenever you think you have the worst job ever, you definitely should think about the sulphur miners from Eastern Java, the men who treat poisoned lungs, burns, scars and constant danger as part of their everyday living. Each day, a few hundred men go deep in the heart of the Ijen volcano, with the sole […]

– 201009squirrel nuts

The Cape ground squirrel takes sex very seriously. For the males, the scrotum is about 20% of their body length, and the penis is twice as long; if you don’t believe me, this particular image will probably change your mind – but be warned ! It will be burned onto your brain for quite a […]

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